The Best Fashion Exhibitions to See this Fall

In case you missed New York Fashion Week…

Itinerary for Two Weeks in Morocco

From Marrakech, to the Sahara, to Essaouira, to Chefchaouen, to Fes, my trip to Morocco was completely packed with amazing cities. Each place was unique, but altogether they created a magical 2-week trip.

Click below for a complete itinerary of my trip to Morocco!

Which Travel Beauty Products to Check vs. Carry On

With so much stuff to bring when traveling it's hard to know what essentials need to be in your carry on and what you can throw in a checked bag. Then there's all the carry on restrictions and weight limits to worry about.

I've pulled together a little comprehensive list of everything you should bring in your carry on (and how to make it all fit) vs. what you can leave in your checked bag.

These Are, Hands Down, The Best Hotel Views Around The World

There’s nothing better than opening your blinds in the morning and seeing an incredible view 😍

I'm baaaaaaaack! 👋🏻🍔🍟

Staying at the Royal Malewane in South Africa

Set in the heart of South Africa's Kruger National Park, The Royal Malewane is such a special hotel. This hotel is complete luxury while being surrounded by the incredible wildlife of the park. There are many styles of rooms to choose from, incredible food options and a beautiful spa.

One of the best parts about the Royal Malewane is the game drive. With our professional guide, we got to see everything Kruger National Park has to offer along with a full out picnic setup for lunch.

Check out what makes the Royal Malewane (part of the The Royal Portfolio) so special:

The Ultimate Travel Gear Packing Guide

So you're packing for your next trip...

You've thrown a few things in your bag and now you're staring at your suitcase with no idea what to put in next. You pick up your phone to procrastinate. As you scroll through Facebook, you see this post and your prayers are answered.

Check out my ultimate travel gear packing guide!

8 Travel Shows to Watch on Netflix Right Now

Binge watch these shows for some major travel inspo!

10 Bucket List Trips to Take in College

Take advantage of those school breaks while you can! ;)

The 9 Most Beautiful Pink Sand Beaches in the World

Who doesn't love a pink sand beach? 💕

Getting Scuba Certified in Koh Tao with Roctopus Dive

Our Travel Expert, Lauren, got PADI Open Water certified while on her trip in Koh Tao, Thailand-- read more about her experience diving in the beautiful waters for the first time with Roctopus Dive!

This Wine Train Takes You On A Journey Through Vineyards And We'd Like To Sign Up

A little vino... a little train ride... who’s in?!

The Beginner's Guide to Photographing an African Safari

With such an incredible landscape and the world’s most impressive wildlife, Africa is a photographer’s dream come true. But, there is a lot of planning that goes into getting the perfect shot!

Here is an in-depth overview of what to expect on an African safari, how to capture your best photos, and the FUJIFILM X Series US gear I bring along!

Everyone's Losing Their Sh*t Over This Harry Potter-Themed Shop, and Honestly, Same

Due to my incredibly large obsession with Harry Potter, this is VERY exciting 😍

Tips for Finding a Public Restroom While Traveling

Ever been stuck looking for a restroom while traveling? I think we've all been there-- that's why I wanted to share my tips, and more about an app that can help you out. Learn more about this awesome tool for female travelers below!

Charmin #EnjoyTheGo #Ad

Morocco Outfit Inspiration

Packing for ANY trip is tough, but finding outfits to bring to the more conservative countries is even tougher. After searching through tons of Pinterest images and scrolling through online shops, I found the perfect outfits for my trip.

I compiled a bunch of my Morocco photos for you to check out for some serious outfit inspiration.

I've scheduled some new content to be shared while I'm offline, but I'll be signing off social media for the next few days while I explore #Quebec! ✈️
It's not every day that I book a job that asks me to turn off my phone for 5 days. Having an online business requires me to spend most of my days behind a computer screen or a camera creating content-- whether I'm producing my own videos, shooting photos, posting to social media or writing about my travel experiences on my blog. This week, however, I'm exploring Quebec with an incredible documentary film crew to capture the beauty of this region-- completely disconnected from the digital world. For maybe the first time in 6 years, I don't even have my camera with me (my own version of feeling "naked and afraid!!!"😱) I'm so grateful for this opportunity and can't wait to share what we discover! Stay tuned-- I'll be back! 😉

Where To Go For The Prettiest Fall Foliage This Fall

Can’t wait for these fall colors 🍂

From the South African Karoo to the Californian Desert 🌵 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
Born and raised in the desert of Southern California, I always laugh when people assume I grew up on the beach-- living life like the TV show "The OC." The beauty of So Cal is its incredible diversity in landscape. You can visit the beach, the desert and the snowy mountains in a single day. That being said, I'm a true desert child-- comforted when I encounter similar arid geographies and extreme climates around the world. Even in 110+ degree heat I feel right at home! 🔥

What to Pack for a Trip to Morocco

Before my recent trip to Morocco I had such a hard time deciding what to bring. A trip like this requires the perfect balance of modest styles and layers with lightweight fabrics to protect from the heat. It can be tough to know exactly what to bring...

If you're headed to Morocco or another conservative country, make sure to click below for a complete list of what to pack!

Eataly World is Basically Disneyland For People Who Love Pasta

Look like it’s time to head back to Italy 😏

Cool treat for that hot hot heat 🍦

The Ultimate Malta Travel Guide

My quick trip to Malta was FULL of adventure. Malta is somewhat of a lesser-known destination by tourists, but it is a dream for a European beach vacation. This island has a lot of historical charm and unique culture!

There are lots of little towns, shops and cafes to explore, along with BEAUTIFUL lagoons and beaches for some prime sun tanning and swimming. Check it out!

These Are The Most Colourful Streets in the World

I can vouch for Chefchaouen and San Francisco-- looks like I need to go visit the rest!

Forever chasing summer ☀️
ARRIVE | 👙 by L*Space by Monica Wise | Blenders Eyewear

Exploring Sainte Anne Island in the Seychelles

With six beaches on one island, this place is a never ending beach day. Sainte Anne Island in the Seychelles is home to Sainte Anne Marine National Park which was was opened in 1973 as a way to preserve local wildlife and is the first such refuge in the Indian Ocean.

There are so many incredible things to explore on this island. Here is a bit more about what to see and do on Sainte Anne!

The Seychelles Islands | Seychelles

31 Adventurous Dogs Exploring the World

Cuteness overload 🐶

Back in the Golden State ☀️💕

Staying at the InterContinental Malta

Malta is seriously a dream European island with endless sunshine and crystal clear water. After a long day of exploring I was so happy to lounge by the pool at the InterContinental Malta and sip on a cool drink 😋

5 Unique Dining Experiences That Are Out of This World

Has anyone been to any of these?!

The Best Girlfriend Getaways Around the World

I'm always so grateful when my girlfriends get to join me on my trips! We have explored some amazing places together that are all unique and different from one another. From Iceland, to Mexico, to Tokyo to the California Coast, there are so many great places to get away with the girls.

Click to find out more of my favorite girls' trip destinations and tag your besties in the comments!

Don't Know How Much To Tip On Your Vacation? Read This

These customs are different in every country so it’s always good to know before you go!

Announcing The Blonde Abroad's South Africa Photography Tour

Ever dreamt of touring South Africa? Have aspirations to learn photography? I'm so excited to announce my first #TBAEscapes photography tour!

This tour is for all women with all levels of photography experience– whether you’re a beginner, a pro, or somewhere in between. We'll visit some of my favorite places in South Africa all while developing technical photography skills through one-on-one mentoring and workshops.

Are you ready to sign up for this adventure? Click below:

Kauai from the sky 🚁
Got to tick off one of my dream bucket list experiences and fly over the jaw dropping Na Pali Coast! 😍
📷 Incredible capture by Chelsea Yamase

The Ski Week Obertauern - Austria

Bookings for The Ski Week are now OPEN! Be sure to reserve your spot for this once in a lifetime experience 🎿

18 of the best under-the-radar travel destinations in America

I love discovering these lesser known travel destinations ☺️

Salty 😜
Yesterday, I got to take a Haku flower crown workshop with a lovely local woman here in Kauai. She picked these flowers from her garden and taught me the traditional art of braiding flowers through raffia and coconut palm leaves. 🌺 🌿 If you come to Kauai, I highly suggest reaching out to Elvrine at #heavenlyhakus for a class!
📷 thanks to @chelseakauai 💕

Day Trip to Gozo Island in Malta

A beautiful island off the coast of a beautiful island? Sounds like a dream. Well this dream is called Gozo Island and is off the Mediterranean nation of Malta. Gozo is the perfect place to take a day trip for some lounging, sightseeing, cafe hopping and swimming!

More info on what I got up to on this little slice of paradise here:

Last-Minute Labor Day Weekend Trips That Won’t Break The Bank

Labor day weekend is coming up...time to plan your trips!

Just keep swimming 🐠
Shot with GoPro HERO 5 GDome

20 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Bazaruto Island

I had an incredible time diving on my trip to Mozambique, but there was tons more to see and do on the beautiful Bazaruto Island. Any way I looked there was a stunning view at any time of the day. Check out some of the beauty I was able to capture in these photos!

Who's ready to plan their next trip to Bazaruto Island?

10 Reasons to Go on The Ski Week

CALLING ALL MOUNTAIN LOVERS: The Ski Week Bookings open TOMORROW-- be sure to check it out before it fills up!

I had such an amazing time at The Ski Week, so if you need a little inspiration... take a look back at my experience here:

Warm welcome to Kauai!

The 11 Most Gorgeous Mermaid Foods and Drinks in the U.S. and Where to Get Them

There's nothing I love more than this mermaid trend. Has anyone tried any of these places?!

The Ski Week - Official Trailer 2018

From the awesome people who organize The Yacht Week, this is the ultimate winter getaway. I went to The Ski Week in Obertauern, Austria for the 2016 season, and let me tell you-- it was a week of pure and epic fun. Ready for the adventure of a lifetime?


6 Things to Remember Before Every Trip

Squeezing in one more trip before the end of summer? Don't forget these tips!

South Africa Photography Tour with The Blonde Abroad

{ANNOUNCEMENT} I'm hosting my first ever #TBAEscapes Photography Tour in South Africa this November! AND GUESS WHAT -- our special guest photographer will be none other than Travis Burke Photography!
Along with my local Cape Town friends, we have created a luxurious 9-day, action-packed tour that shows off the brightest highlights that South Africa has to offer. We'll be taking a scenic helicopter flight over Cape Town, staying in a luxury villa in Camps Bay, meeting African penguins at Boulders Beach, experiencing the magic of a "Big 5" African Safari, and sipping our way through the Cape winelands!
SIGN UP NOW via link below! (Space is limited to 12 girls)

Traveled from Havana to Hawaii for some solo exploring! I'm visiting the islands of Hawaii and Kauai for the first time-- comment below if you have any travel tips! 🌴

Staying at the AYANA Resort and Spa in Bali

I've spent a lot of time in Bali and have explored the island from top to bottom. One place I can always count on to be absolute luxury is the AYANA Resort and Spa Bali. The clifftop location in the Jimbaran Bay offers the best views from your balcony, the pool or the bar (best place for a sunset cocktail).

There are lots of different rooms, villas and activities to choose from so click below to find out all you need to know about this 5-star hotel!

Carnets Voyages